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Sunday, October 2, 2011

One Soul

Every time I take breath
Always you come in my mind
Every single seconds I pass through
With you, so precious in my heart

I might have this feeling before
But this time
It’s different, when you came
You lighten up my life

Waiting for so long…
My heart sure,
Very certain with you
I found the port of my heart
Where I belong to

So It’s you
We are here,
me and you
Nothing can separate us

Four hundred kilometers that separates us
Just nothing compare to thousand miles
I could run it for you,
Oh, My Everything

Just like youngest and eldest
Separated by 12 years
Brought together by 12 years

Heart may be intangible
Heart may be beyond our thinking
There our soul belong
There two become one
There the source of commitment
As one soul.

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