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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our Life

Life is a piece of paper
I want you to be the ink to write on it
Life is a book
I want you to be the author to create every single page

Life in this world is temporary
But Love is everlasting through life and death
Each of us
no matter how's the past
all we need to see is us in the future

Time is going so fast
so does our life
slow is too fast
fast is too slow

Love never last
it always be still
Time can swallow everything inside
But not a true love

All the challenges
to form us
to prepare us
be ready for the moment we own our life

All the barriers
Make us struggle more
survive even more
At the end is True Love

Overcome every condition
Win every situation
Faithful in happiness and difficulties
The struggle and survival make it the most precious thing
Precious thing you honor the most
That you never give up it for anything

Life is loving
Loving is sacrificing
Sacrificing is caring
Caring is sharing

Be strong
Be courage
Nothing to worry between us
The ALMIGHTY will is ours

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