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Monday, January 9, 2012


            As usual, early morning has been always a great time for analysing and thinking. In this little dorm, what a calm night, trying to express my thinking in this little space. As part of this world, human, has always been said as the perfect creation, the creation of human itself is a miracle regardless of the theory of Charles Darwin or any others. I am not discovering any other theories and not that brave yet to be a researcher to find the answer. A part from any religion or even atheist, human, are created to be special and always believed as the perfect creation. No any creatures as perfect as human in this world.
            But hold on, there is a saying told that “Nobody is perfect” but we are created perfectly. Why? Yes, at some point the world never be perfect. Because if everything is perfect in this world, then it will be too easy for human which in fact the strongest yet the weakest creature in this world. Imagine if the world is perfect, will human use their ability to the max. That’s big “NO”. Human always try to simplyfy anything in this world so they can burry their capability deep inside their foolishness.
            Back to the world “Perfect”. I am so interested with this world this morning. Have no idea why, can any human in this world do things perfectly without any errors? I doubt it, not the perfecto of the Creator, but the factor “X” that cause this perfecto never be perfect. What’s the factor “X”? That’s the temptation, why should there be? Simple, so human could dig their ability and strength deeper and deeper and one day can be a better person. The temptation will keep human on track to recognize how strong they are created and they must not stop developing their capability.
            Record showed that hardly any perfect thing in this world. If everything is perfect in this world then why should there be a heaven? If you don’t agree with the concept of heaven, you are not forced to, but just spend a little precious time of your life to think about it. Heaven is your dream and every single dream of anyone in this world always been perfect, so Heaven is perfect. Though in this world there is nothing perfect, but human is encouraged to find the perfection.
              Let's end this post with a quote from Jeannette Walls. " Nobody's perfect. We're all just one step up from the beasts and one step down from the angels."     

                                                          I realized this so I'd love to say:

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