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Saturday, January 7, 2012

A little thought early morning

              It’s just another day, another night, another hour. Yes, that’s exactly. I am trapped in this little corner called life. Was life is that narrow? No, sometime it is your own thought that effected your perception. In such student’s life, doing daily activities, studying, making friends, active in the society. Is this a good student’s life? I am still asking myself, and yet found an answer, and believe that it is. Alright, what’s the purpose of this writing I wrote in this early morning, after whole night spent on “studying” how to make goal? What’s the last word I said before the question mark? 
             Goal, yeah, that’s it! I believe that every single individual in this world have goal setting in this life. Life is up and down, hot and cold, dry and wet, wait! It’s not Ms.Katie’s song! But that’s true at some point, Life is hot and cold. The hot and cold, up and down, right and wrong, all are not releasable from a little thing called “Goal”. Life is rolling for us to implement our strategy to reach our goal. Nothing is able to run without a goal, without a vision. It’s as simple as a match between Juventus and Milan,22 players, one ball, all 22 minds thinking of a one shoot to create a “GOAL”! Then why it’s so important to have goal. Sorry, but no offense, Since it’s not a war, not a match, not a race, not even a fight nor competition but there is a loser. Loser is one that lives without a goal, and then they are not running on the track. 
           Come on, life is a competition, how can you pull yourself off from it? It’s just as simple as game. Well imagine you are playing  simple cards with your friends, will you play it if you do not have any goal? even if you say that it’s just for fun, but wait, won’t it be more fun if you have goal in that game? At least not to be the loser in the game so that everyone may plan a strategy to win the game and it will be more fun. Trust me, that’s how it works! 
         Warning! This is not an ads by “Goal.Sdn.Bhd” or “Goal Corp” but yet you work for Goal. Students, when they talk about what is they life mean to them, some pessimistic will answer it as simple as, “nothing much just study..study..and study.” Come on, is study a big trouble? Life cannot be separated from studying, at the end all the knowledge we gained from studying help us to create a strategy to reach our goal and shoot at the right point. Now, everyone in this University struggling and surviving for examination, some are studying hard, some playing hard, some do nothing. But just as reminder to keep our goal on, and don’t miss your track till the Goal reached. Be a good striker and shoot right to the point of your Goal! 

Caution! Never wake up if you don’t even think what’s your goal for the day!


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