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Thursday, March 15, 2012

One Shall Not?

"One shall not." Everyone must ever heard this phrases almost everyday. There is a rules that bordered human from doing things that breaking the rules. Here come the term "One Shall not". Human had to be bind by law. If not, there will be a chaos. Aesthetically, human were created with all sorts of abilities, feelings, thoughts, and emotions that differentiate it from the other creatures. Each human is created special and difference one from the others. Even the identical twins are difference. 

Meaning to say, everyone is unique on his way. So nobody may say that one is better than the others. If there is no term "One shall not" which mean everyone can do everything without any limitations, there will be a chaos. People may fight against others, the worst it endless world war. The world may at least in a little peace because of the laws, rules, and regulations we had. Imagine if the only rules in the world is the jungle law, the strongest rules. 

People will kill each other, fighting for power, even tough it is happening, can you imagine how worst would that be if people is absolutely free. That is why there is no total freedom. Even democratic State (what they  branded themselves) such as United States is not giving absolute freedom to the people. Freedom is make sense in certain way that could be controlled. Uncontrolled freedom will bring conflict instead of peace.

Why do not you make yourself a simple rule so that you could have life principle that will guide and lead?

I Shall Not Lazy
I Shall Not Arrogant
I Shall Not Greedy
I Shall Not Unfaithful
I Shall Not Reckless
I Shall Not Giving Up
I Shall Not Late
I Shall Not Weak
I Shall Not Smoke
I Shall Not Drunk