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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Boy or Man?

            Well, Let’s start this story with a feeling. All human being have feeling, despite of their age, gender, social status, or whatever it is. Human was created with feeling that able to describe happiness, sadness, madness, and so on. Any act deliver by anyone towards someone will bring the feeling along. Why am I so definitive tonight? I guess It has been a while since my last post in this blog. All actions will carry out a reaction that is the law of physics, when a person perform one action will involve their feeling, it depends on how much do one make feeling as part of the action they carried out. In reply, the object of an action will certainly give a reaction that will involve feeling as well. In short, no matter how, feeling is part of life. Especially for teenages and youths,they get trapped in their feeling very easy. Is it good? At the moment you happy with it, it will be felt very good. It will make you awesome, gain your confidence, and being legendary. Once your feeling is not right and did not get you what you want, that moment will bring you down, lost of confidence, and sad.
                Alright, let focus to the feeling from a boy towards girl, the feeling of boy towards girl is not necessary perform by a boy and girl, in fact, a lot of man act like a boy in the expression of their feeling. Strange huh? What the boy do is having crush on girl, kept it himself, do not dare to tell the girl, and being the “backstage actor” meaning to describe the secret lover. The boy usually will be having dream about the girl they having crush on, staring, good stalker, analyzing the girl. At some point, the boy become a very good analyzer, even better than them analyzed their studying. The boy is totally have no idea where the relationship will be heading. Boy never be serious, if they had to be in relationship, they are playing around with feeling. While man? In this term, what I mean by “man” is not a guy at the age of 25 and above. Although sometime the people at that age looks like matured but it is not necessary. Some people still acting like boys in their feeling at their 30’s. The “man” is someone who really know what are they doing, if they have feeling, they prefer to express it. “Say it”, that is what the “man” does. The “man” is not doing the “backstage actor”, not being secret lover, and having sense of serious and optimist in their feeling. The “man” does have a goal, has the idea where the relationship goes. The “man” is not experimenting with feeling but searching the feeling, not trying but looking for the one. Becareful with this “looking for the one”, a lot of boys using this reason to look mature, but in fact, they have a lot of “might be the one”
                The boy and The man, which best to describe you? Still experimenting or searching the feeling. That is up to you to choose what you want to be. Taking in your concern that experimenting will break a lot of hearts because you will find the “new is always better” compare to if you are searching, when the one come and you have faith on her, that’s it. Mostly it works if you are not experimenting. So, you have to make your decisions to be mature or will be still pre-mature all way long in relationship.