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Thursday, March 21, 2013

My thought for life

It's another Thursday, right here behind my working desk, I am sitting, enjoying my initial weeks of working life. I start thinking of many things in life, questioning things in life, how, why, when, where, does it happen? I am still looking for an answer that I believe when I found it, I achieved the goal in my life. The biggest question I never stop asking is what is the purpose of my life. Why am I doing this and that, living like all others did, is that how life should be? I know everybody might ask the same question as I do so much of it in this life. It is so easy to tell yourself "Darry, live your life with purpose!".
How can I find what is my purpose of life when I don't even know if I am living it in a right way. The determination of right or wrong is depending on the commonality, what people mostly do is right and what people don't do is wrong but is it the way you decide it? Everyone in this world was born with their own purpose, that is why everyone is created different from others. Therefore, how could you decide if thing is right or wrong based on what others have decided? I am disagree if you get to say things are right just because others think it is right, there should be more reason behind it.
I am questioning life, not because I am not grateful of this life. In fact, I could not be more grateful that I was born so special in my way and I have to walk through this life's path which, I believe, happened for good. The purpose I am questioning this life is, nonetheless, seeking for the essence of this life. It is so much important for me to decide where my life will go, where am I heading to, what am I going to do next? After a long conversation with my mom last night, I realized that I am no longer a kid, though I always be a son to my mom, I have to determine this life on my own. It is me to decide and make a call for this life. Am I living it like others or Am I wanting to make something different? My mom clearly told me that she does not have the ability to intervene on my decision. I shall decide it for my own.
I am not trying to be arrogant by not wanting live my life like others or criticizing what people commonly do, there is something inside me that whispering and giving me the idea of asking all these questions. It is like a voice that interrogating me, keeping me on searching the answer to those questions. I have to go through more journey of this life so I can find the answer. I need more lessons for me to live my life with. May be it is different, the way I see my life, and what others see their life, but I believe there is one similarity, the link that connecting all people. That link is humanity. No matter how is your life different, you are still a human. On that basis, I believe everybody is on their own track of life as I am.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

A little whisper for 'Daddy'

Dear Daddy,

Today everyone around the world celebrate existence of your figure
On this very big day of world superhero
The one who always think the best for us
The one who always do the best for us
The one who never tired embrace us
The one who always give the best for us
The one who hold us pass through the storm
The family strength that never give up
The figure that show us the spirit that never end
The figure that show us being responsible
The figure that assert yet care
The figure that gentle yet calm

Here are the words of our heart
Our little expression
Our gratitude for your caring
Our gratitude for your loving
you never ask for it
but deep inside we really thank you
you never hope for it
but deep inside we so proud of you
None in this world can beat you
Our superhero

I might not a perfect son that every father wish for
I might not a perfect child that every father crave for
I just want to see you happy on your this very day
We might fight on one, two, or three things
But what I know at the end you always care of me
You are the perfect father
Out of all father in this world
All I know I have only one father
And He is the best
Thank you Daddy
Nothing compare to your love and effort

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mom, I just can't

Do you know?
What my heart telling?
Do you know?
What my soul saying?

This is it
This is it
That is not
That is not

My heart telling
She is the one
My heart telling
She will not leave you

She accept you
whoever you are
Even if you are a jerk
She won't say you a bastard

Her love is pure
The purity of her love
Give her strength
Grown me up

She is the one
who will see for you
even if you are blind
she never gives up
show you what world is like

She the one
who will listen for you
even if you are deaf
she never stops
be a music in your life

My soul saying
How much
Her tears came out
For your fault
For your stupidity

She never blames
None but herself
Even if that is your choice
She still put the blame on her

Even if you were born that way
She insists
This is her fault
This is her mistake

No No No
Thousands time of No
Beg you Pardon
That is not your mistake
That is not your fault

you are the greatest love
Nobody know how's that hurt
when you bear me
9 months

you are the most wonderful
who I am today
None but your lessons to me

Nothing could describe you
Even perfect is not good enough
Beyond the perfection
you teach me what life is

I might never
never gonna able
Be the one who
Could give you smile of proud
Could make you smile of happiness

Thousand Thank you
Deepest Gratitude
That is never enough
Show how I thank you
My Mom

Thursday, March 15, 2012

One Shall Not?

"One shall not." Everyone must ever heard this phrases almost everyday. There is a rules that bordered human from doing things that breaking the rules. Here come the term "One Shall not". Human had to be bind by law. If not, there will be a chaos. Aesthetically, human were created with all sorts of abilities, feelings, thoughts, and emotions that differentiate it from the other creatures. Each human is created special and difference one from the others. Even the identical twins are difference. 

Meaning to say, everyone is unique on his way. So nobody may say that one is better than the others. If there is no term "One shall not" which mean everyone can do everything without any limitations, there will be a chaos. People may fight against others, the worst it endless world war. The world may at least in a little peace because of the laws, rules, and regulations we had. Imagine if the only rules in the world is the jungle law, the strongest rules. 

People will kill each other, fighting for power, even tough it is happening, can you imagine how worst would that be if people is absolutely free. That is why there is no total freedom. Even democratic State (what they  branded themselves) such as United States is not giving absolute freedom to the people. Freedom is make sense in certain way that could be controlled. Uncontrolled freedom will bring conflict instead of peace.

Why do not you make yourself a simple rule so that you could have life principle that will guide and lead?

I Shall Not Lazy
I Shall Not Arrogant
I Shall Not Greedy
I Shall Not Unfaithful
I Shall Not Reckless
I Shall Not Giving Up
I Shall Not Late
I Shall Not Weak
I Shall Not Smoke
I Shall Not Drunk

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Boy or Man?

            Well, Let’s start this story with a feeling. All human being have feeling, despite of their age, gender, social status, or whatever it is. Human was created with feeling that able to describe happiness, sadness, madness, and so on. Any act deliver by anyone towards someone will bring the feeling along. Why am I so definitive tonight? I guess It has been a while since my last post in this blog. All actions will carry out a reaction that is the law of physics, when a person perform one action will involve their feeling, it depends on how much do one make feeling as part of the action they carried out. In reply, the object of an action will certainly give a reaction that will involve feeling as well. In short, no matter how, feeling is part of life. Especially for teenages and youths,they get trapped in their feeling very easy. Is it good? At the moment you happy with it, it will be felt very good. It will make you awesome, gain your confidence, and being legendary. Once your feeling is not right and did not get you what you want, that moment will bring you down, lost of confidence, and sad.
                Alright, let focus to the feeling from a boy towards girl, the feeling of boy towards girl is not necessary perform by a boy and girl, in fact, a lot of man act like a boy in the expression of their feeling. Strange huh? What the boy do is having crush on girl, kept it himself, do not dare to tell the girl, and being the “backstage actor” meaning to describe the secret lover. The boy usually will be having dream about the girl they having crush on, staring, good stalker, analyzing the girl. At some point, the boy become a very good analyzer, even better than them analyzed their studying. The boy is totally have no idea where the relationship will be heading. Boy never be serious, if they had to be in relationship, they are playing around with feeling. While man? In this term, what I mean by “man” is not a guy at the age of 25 and above. Although sometime the people at that age looks like matured but it is not necessary. Some people still acting like boys in their feeling at their 30’s. The “man” is someone who really know what are they doing, if they have feeling, they prefer to express it. “Say it”, that is what the “man” does. The “man” is not doing the “backstage actor”, not being secret lover, and having sense of serious and optimist in their feeling. The “man” does have a goal, has the idea where the relationship goes. The “man” is not experimenting with feeling but searching the feeling, not trying but looking for the one. Becareful with this “looking for the one”, a lot of boys using this reason to look mature, but in fact, they have a lot of “might be the one”
                The boy and The man, which best to describe you? Still experimenting or searching the feeling. That is up to you to choose what you want to be. Taking in your concern that experimenting will break a lot of hearts because you will find the “new is always better” compare to if you are searching, when the one come and you have faith on her, that’s it. Mostly it works if you are not experimenting. So, you have to make your decisions to be mature or will be still pre-mature all way long in relationship.

Monday, January 9, 2012


            As usual, early morning has been always a great time for analysing and thinking. In this little dorm, what a calm night, trying to express my thinking in this little space. As part of this world, human, has always been said as the perfect creation, the creation of human itself is a miracle regardless of the theory of Charles Darwin or any others. I am not discovering any other theories and not that brave yet to be a researcher to find the answer. A part from any religion or even atheist, human, are created to be special and always believed as the perfect creation. No any creatures as perfect as human in this world.
            But hold on, there is a saying told that “Nobody is perfect” but we are created perfectly. Why? Yes, at some point the world never be perfect. Because if everything is perfect in this world, then it will be too easy for human which in fact the strongest yet the weakest creature in this world. Imagine if the world is perfect, will human use their ability to the max. That’s big “NO”. Human always try to simplyfy anything in this world so they can burry their capability deep inside their foolishness.
            Back to the world “Perfect”. I am so interested with this world this morning. Have no idea why, can any human in this world do things perfectly without any errors? I doubt it, not the perfecto of the Creator, but the factor “X” that cause this perfecto never be perfect. What’s the factor “X”? That’s the temptation, why should there be? Simple, so human could dig their ability and strength deeper and deeper and one day can be a better person. The temptation will keep human on track to recognize how strong they are created and they must not stop developing their capability.
            Record showed that hardly any perfect thing in this world. If everything is perfect in this world then why should there be a heaven? If you don’t agree with the concept of heaven, you are not forced to, but just spend a little precious time of your life to think about it. Heaven is your dream and every single dream of anyone in this world always been perfect, so Heaven is perfect. Though in this world there is nothing perfect, but human is encouraged to find the perfection.
              Let's end this post with a quote from Jeannette Walls. " Nobody's perfect. We're all just one step up from the beasts and one step down from the angels."     

                                                          I realized this so I'd love to say:

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A little thought early morning

              It’s just another day, another night, another hour. Yes, that’s exactly. I am trapped in this little corner called life. Was life is that narrow? No, sometime it is your own thought that effected your perception. In such student’s life, doing daily activities, studying, making friends, active in the society. Is this a good student’s life? I am still asking myself, and yet found an answer, and believe that it is. Alright, what’s the purpose of this writing I wrote in this early morning, after whole night spent on “studying” how to make goal? What’s the last word I said before the question mark? 
             Goal, yeah, that’s it! I believe that every single individual in this world have goal setting in this life. Life is up and down, hot and cold, dry and wet, wait! It’s not Ms.Katie’s song! But that’s true at some point, Life is hot and cold. The hot and cold, up and down, right and wrong, all are not releasable from a little thing called “Goal”. Life is rolling for us to implement our strategy to reach our goal. Nothing is able to run without a goal, without a vision. It’s as simple as a match between Juventus and Milan,22 players, one ball, all 22 minds thinking of a one shoot to create a “GOAL”! Then why it’s so important to have goal. Sorry, but no offense, Since it’s not a war, not a match, not a race, not even a fight nor competition but there is a loser. Loser is one that lives without a goal, and then they are not running on the track. 
           Come on, life is a competition, how can you pull yourself off from it? It’s just as simple as game. Well imagine you are playing  simple cards with your friends, will you play it if you do not have any goal? even if you say that it’s just for fun, but wait, won’t it be more fun if you have goal in that game? At least not to be the loser in the game so that everyone may plan a strategy to win the game and it will be more fun. Trust me, that’s how it works! 
         Warning! This is not an ads by “Goal.Sdn.Bhd” or “Goal Corp” but yet you work for Goal. Students, when they talk about what is they life mean to them, some pessimistic will answer it as simple as, “nothing much just study..study..and study.” Come on, is study a big trouble? Life cannot be separated from studying, at the end all the knowledge we gained from studying help us to create a strategy to reach our goal and shoot at the right point. Now, everyone in this University struggling and surviving for examination, some are studying hard, some playing hard, some do nothing. But just as reminder to keep our goal on, and don’t miss your track till the Goal reached. Be a good striker and shoot right to the point of your Goal! 

Caution! Never wake up if you don’t even think what’s your goal for the day!