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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


What? What?

Matter what they say
I, I, am here, alone lamented
Doubts about myself, 
my life would not hesitate
Is this the way, does she the one?
I am still asking.

It's hard for me to believe
Hard for me to receive
Although my heart wants to accept
But I can not

Oh love, is this the voice of your heart, 
your soul take the pain
The high walls that keep us
I do not care, I do not complain
I will demolish, tear down everything I do
Although lives are at stake

Indeed we are not a couple
Indeed you are not ready
It weigh for me to express
Words could not describe it

You inside me I give my pride
How meaningful it is for me
give it all
My heart, my soul, my honor
I give unto you the award 
For you willing to color my life

I am lost without you
I have been trapped in a prison love
how deep  the ocean
deeper inside I am fall in your arms, love

I know we are not yet lovers
I know you're not ready
But I could hope I can withstand this turbulence
Just trust and pray
Wish Allah could consent us

Believe me,
Hope we can together
Not just empty talk
But all our heart, soul, and my life

I am willingly let you choose, oh love
what is best for you
I happy to see you happy
Although I have to hurt,
Although I have to cry
Although my heart wound

One thing I ask from you
Do not despair
Do not give up
Fixed your heart
Because your spirit is my spirit

Look at the sun
It never stops shining
Giving life
Look at the stars
coloring the night sky

There is no tomorrow who knows
We can only design
Only to Allah
Everything's back

There tomorrow because today
Today is the day that we live
Live the day with new hope
Glimmer of hope in the inner soul
The spirit that flows in the veins

my hope on you do not fade
I prepared if to be disappointed because of you
Ready me if I have to be sad because of you
Do not you worry
Do not be afraid

Because I never blame yourself
I blame myself for loving you
I blame myself, maybe this is my punishment
I am willingly accept it.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

End of Love Searching

Reached the finish line of my love adventure
This soul not lonely for any longer
This heart is owned

I am at the end of  my heart searching
I never feel lonely
I am not by myself

I will marry you
I will take care of you
will beside you till the rest of your life

I will love you
will faithful to you
will beside you till the rest of your life
Till the rest of your life
Till the rest of my life

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our Life

Life is a piece of paper
I want you to be the ink to write on it
Life is a book
I want you to be the author to create every single page

Life in this world is temporary
But Love is everlasting through life and death
Each of us
no matter how's the past
all we need to see is us in the future

Time is going so fast
so does our life
slow is too fast
fast is too slow

Love never last
it always be still
Time can swallow everything inside
But not a true love

All the challenges
to form us
to prepare us
be ready for the moment we own our life

All the barriers
Make us struggle more
survive even more
At the end is True Love

Overcome every condition
Win every situation
Faithful in happiness and difficulties
The struggle and survival make it the most precious thing
Precious thing you honor the most
That you never give up it for anything

Life is loving
Loving is sacrificing
Sacrificing is caring
Caring is sharing

Be strong
Be courage
Nothing to worry between us
The ALMIGHTY will is ours

Sunday, October 2, 2011

One Soul

Every time I take breath
Always you come in my mind
Every single seconds I pass through
With you, so precious in my heart

I might have this feeling before
But this time
It’s different, when you came
You lighten up my life

Waiting for so long…
My heart sure,
Very certain with you
I found the port of my heart
Where I belong to

So It’s you
We are here,
me and you
Nothing can separate us

Four hundred kilometers that separates us
Just nothing compare to thousand miles
I could run it for you,
Oh, My Everything

Just like youngest and eldest
Separated by 12 years
Brought together by 12 years

Heart may be intangible
Heart may be beyond our thinking
There our soul belong
There two become one
There the source of commitment
As one soul.