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Darry, my nick name, was born on 1st December 1991, The eldest of 4 siblings, Bachelor of International Affairs Management with Honors, Living life to the MAX!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

My thought for life

It's another Thursday, right here behind my working desk, I am sitting, enjoying my initial weeks of working life. I start thinking of many things in life, questioning things in life, how, why, when, where, does it happen? I am still looking for an answer that I believe when I found it, I achieved the goal in my life. The biggest question I never stop asking is what is the purpose of my life. Why am I doing this and that, living like all others did, is that how life should be? I know everybody might ask the same question as I do so much of it in this life. It is so easy to tell yourself "Darry, live your life with purpose!".
How can I find what is my purpose of life when I don't even know if I am living it in a right way. The determination of right or wrong is depending on the commonality, what people mostly do is right and what people don't do is wrong but is it the way you decide it? Everyone in this world was born with their own purpose, that is why everyone is created different from others. Therefore, how could you decide if thing is right or wrong based on what others have decided? I am disagree if you get to say things are right just because others think it is right, there should be more reason behind it.
I am questioning life, not because I am not grateful of this life. In fact, I could not be more grateful that I was born so special in my way and I have to walk through this life's path which, I believe, happened for good. The purpose I am questioning this life is, nonetheless, seeking for the essence of this life. It is so much important for me to decide where my life will go, where am I heading to, what am I going to do next? After a long conversation with my mom last night, I realized that I am no longer a kid, though I always be a son to my mom, I have to determine this life on my own. It is me to decide and make a call for this life. Am I living it like others or Am I wanting to make something different? My mom clearly told me that she does not have the ability to intervene on my decision. I shall decide it for my own.
I am not trying to be arrogant by not wanting live my life like others or criticizing what people commonly do, there is something inside me that whispering and giving me the idea of asking all these questions. It is like a voice that interrogating me, keeping me on searching the answer to those questions. I have to go through more journey of this life so I can find the answer. I need more lessons for me to live my life with. May be it is different, the way I see my life, and what others see their life, but I believe there is one similarity, the link that connecting all people. That link is humanity. No matter how is your life different, you are still a human. On that basis, I believe everybody is on their own track of life as I am.