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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Story goes on...
Once upon a time in a fairy land (Come on. It’s not bedtime stories), Life is really peaceful. No worry, no sad, no problem, no pressure, no stressful life. 
But why in every fairy stories, there will be an evil fairy, which will disturb all those happiness and destroy all. The only analyze that might be the only reason is the evil fairy is not satisfy with what she had and she want to get herself to the higher position, might be the evil fairy want to be a queen of the land. She becomes arrogant and wants to hold the power of the fairy land. This kind of story is usually made for kid's bedtime stories.
If we analyze, the root of its all is feeling arrogant and too       Let us bring the story to the real life. In fact, human basically is never satisfied and keep looking for the better one. 
Since they were young, we can see that being unsatisfied is human natural behavior.  We can see how children is never satisfied with the toys they had, teenager keep updating their gadget, woman is never satisfied with all the branded stuff they had, and man is never stopped reaching for a higher position in their office. Those are all the example of human dissatisfied behavior.

Once you reach what you want, you will start looking for something better. Once you reach what you want, you will start proud of yourself. Then, the next step is you think that you deserve for the better one. So, you start searching for the better one. The scientist doesn't stop doing all the experiment, The IT Companies never stop publishing the up to date gadget, and Windows never stop upgrading the better version. 
That's why there can be a war for energy. Oil war, nowadays, all countries around the world need oil. Unfortunately, not all country has sufficient number of oil. So the country with large number of oil will try their best to protect their oil. But some of them is not strong enough, and bring their country to invasion by another country.
We can see how dissatisfied feeling lead to many problem. Many woman become shopaholics in order to fulfill their desire, and finally their life is haunted by debt collector because they can't paid their credit card debt.
The only solution for human to solve their dissatisfied feeling problem is be grateful to God in everything you have and plant in yourself that all you have, all you get , and all you own now is a grace and bless given freely by God. So, you don't have any reason to complain or feeling dissatisfied for it. Life is a gift, so all you have known is a gift and nothing can be proud with. Do your best, contribute to the society, and own a happy life.

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