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Monday, May 17, 2010

Time own Human or Human own the time?

Life is rolling every day, day by day, week by week, month by month, and year by year. Many people are not realized that they have been ruled by the time. "Time is money", and another said that "Time is gold." Is time really monopolized human life?
For certain people it does, because they just lazy and keep waiting till they need to rushing for the time. For another group of people, Time is ruled by human. We are the one ought to wait for the time. For example, someone has meeting at 10 am, than he should make a plan, when should he leaving home? Which type of transportation will be taken? How long does the journey take till the meeting point? The entire plan must be made in order to have good time management and having an on time habit.
Whereas, there are some other person that has a meeting at 10 am than waiting till the clock is shown 10 am and he just prepared for the meeting at 10 am. This kind of person is a person who is ruled by time. They don't have a time management and always rushing for a meeting. Mostly, this type of person has a bad behavior which is always being late.
 From my own experience, the one who live in village will be more on time and have a good time management compared to the one who live in the city. The biggest the city, the less time management they had. The villagers will get up early in the morning and start their activities for the whole day.
While the citizens, the time their get up depends their working time, if it is 10, they will get up at 8. Furthermore, there even some people who is sleeping in the morning, because night is their working time. Differences of culture will also affect the on time or late behavior.
Now, as I am participating as an exchange student in Tianjin, China, I've learned many things that I never get if I just come to china as a tourist. Feel like I really become a part of the new society. Actually, I am Indonesian, which gets used to the slow live and owned a really bad habit in time management.
In Indonesia, almost in every meeting there will be always a time postponed for 10 minutes or even 1 hour. But it doesn't exist if it was a military meeting or any other alike its. Then, when I taking my degree in Malaysia, I found there is a different level of time disciplines in there. Even the Chinese, Malay, or Tamil in Malaysia has a different level of time disciplines.
The Chinese in Malaysia is having a more time punctual habit depends to Malay or Tamil as well. If you are going for a Project meeting that all the member are Chinese, never try to late because if you late, you will really shy to get in to the meeting room, because all of the eyes will looking on you.
And now, I go to another place, with a totally different living habit, behavior, and culture. China is really big country and almost in every house, the children are taught how to manage their time. Even there is a phrase saying that “A successful person is always waiting for time because the time is never waiting for and once have been left by the time, the chance of failure will be bigger."
Most of the successful person in china used to be a part of farmer family, which means that they are villagers. The farmer family is a very discipline family because they always get up on time and start working in the field on time. If they don't, they will be late for the whole harvesting process in one season.
So once if you have been left by time, you wouldn't able chase it whatever you do and how hard you try to chase it. Now I can understand why people saying "Kejarlah ketertinggalan" and not "Kejarlah kemajuan".  

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