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Friday, November 5, 2010

Failure is a way to reach a big plan for your life!

    Human has many decisions and plans in their life. They create their way to reach what their own desire. But, Have any human realized that none of their desire will happen without God's agreement? It is the right of every person to decide what their willing to do today, tomorrow, next week, next year, even in their future. But one God say no to what you plan, the goal you desire will never be reached. Although in your view, what you have planned is perfect, but you never know what will happen tomorrow. 
    Just a simple story, there is one kid that born in a poor family with a single mother. One day, this kid plan to buy a gift for his mother birthday next month. So this kid who lived nearby the sea, work with a fisherman. The fisherman catch a fish everyday, the big fishes caught will be sold to the market, but the smaller fishes will be made into dry salted fish. This little kid work as a dry salted fish labor in the fisherman small house. His mother never knows that he works in the fisherman house in order to earn money for buying his mother birthday gift. The kid starts his job early in the morning and goes home in the evening. His mother is a labor worker in a factory, so she never realizes it. 
    A week pass away, The kid still works with the fisherman. In order to earn more money, He stays in the fisherman house and work day and night. Of course his mother looking for him, but she couldn't found him. One day, his mother walk to the market nearby to look for her only son. As she walk, she still couldn't found her son. So she decided to go home. As she walk cross the road, badly she is crashed by a car. Badly, She died on that accident. The Kid, which is her only son, don't know that his mother have passed away and still works even harder for his mother's birthday gift. A month passed away, He earned $ 100 from the fisherman for his effort. 
    Today, exactly his mother birthday, He go to  the market, He bought a pair of shoes for his mother because his mother haven't had any new shoes since his father passed away 12 years ago. He was 8 month old when his father passed away. He still have $ 20 after he bought the shoes, so he bought a birthday cake and some roses for his mother. Then finally, he go home on his mother birthday to give a surprise for his mother. When he reached home, he find nobody in house so he wait for his mother because he thought that his mother still in the factory. The sky getting darker, but his mother haven't reached house. So he rushed to the factory and found her mother labor friends that told him that his mother passed away 3 weeks ago. When he heard that, he can't say anything, he keep silent, tears comes out from his eyes. One of his mother labor friend bring him to his mother grave. He is still holding his mother birthday gift, a pair of new shoes, a birthday cake, and some fresh roses. When he reached his mother grave, he keep crying without any sound, liters of tears come out, nobody there to share with him his sadness. He is alone in this world with no family. He left all he has bought for his mother gift except the shoes. 
    He stayed in his house for many weeks keep crying and staring at the shoes he bought. He did not go anywhere. Month passed away, the news about his mother death was heard by the fisherman who occupied him. Then, The fisherman goes to his house and found him collapsed. The fisherman brings him to the small health clinic in the valley. When he awakes, The fisherman brought him to his house. The fisherman and his wife decided to adopted him since they don't have any child. They send him to school and love him very much. The shadow of his mother is never left him, he still remember his mother always tell him that no matter how hard life is, you must never give up. He keep studying hardly. He always encourage his selves. By the mercy and love of his adopt parents, he got a scholarship and continue his studying to the University. He gets an outstanding result in the University and graduated as the best graduand. Finally he now success and become a CEO in a big shoes company. 
    From the story of this kid, we find a lesson. Although you find many failure in your plan for life, it is not because God does not love you. The failure come because of what you have planned is not what God planned for you. This kid may fall down, he may think to suicide because of the world temptation. But he still remember what his mother taught him. So he keeps strong and struggle for his life. When the time comes, God shows what his planned for this kid. His mother death is a temptation from this world for him is to prepare that he is big enough to do what God's plan for him. We see that God's plan is always the best and the most perfect. 
    So, whatever you have planned, when you failed and see that there is no more way to reach the goal. Don't worry, that is not what God's plan for you. Never surrender and give up to reach what God has planned for you. Because when you got it, you will never regret. God loves everyone in this world. He knows what the best for you even sometimes you goes on your own plan. He let you go on your own, but He never leaves you. He always there to make sure that you don't fall too deep. When you fallen down, He hold you and guide you back to His plan for you. God let you face a failure in your life to prepare you for His big plan for your life. So when you face failure, try to take positive lesson from the failure then you will go a step nearer to His plan to make your future shine brightly like stars.

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