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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why do we have to study International Relations?

    People live in this world with many temptation. Some of them live with a good wealth, but they don't have good family or some people live in a happy family but never sufficient with their needs. People never fully happy in this world. Why? This world was built based on ambition and the desire of small party out of billions of people in this world. They make this world as a jungle where the jungle rule exists. The strongest will rule with their own way and desire. We can view it in a reality. No matter it is Communist, Socialist, or even Democratic, all of them are rule by one person. The difference is how they show that they have an absolute power. The communist style shows their absolute power openly. They don't scare whatever reactions take toward them. While the democratic is more to intelligent way of using power than the communist which more on strength.

    The studying on International Relations show that the unity of the world will bring the world to a peaceful condition. Sorry to say, it was totally wrong. If the world united, of course there will be only one absolute leader in this world. The more absolute power, the more uncontrolled it is. International Relation is studying how is the way to achieve an absolute peace in this world where there is no war. Although war and peace is fully art of International Relation through what is called diplomacy. In fact, based on the Holy Testament, wars will always exist in this world because it is part of the end of this wicked world. So, no matter how hard is the Student of International Relation try to approach peace through theory, it will never succeed in the reality. 

    For example, we take the war between Israel and Palestine. This war has been run since 1948. Many approaches was tried to solve this war, but it never succeed. In the view of our eyes, this war never ended because United States is helping Israel. There is no offense that the Jewish which most of them from Israel holding an important role in the United States economy strength. Now when the United States is suffering because of the financial crisis, of course, the fund for helping Israel is less, why does this war still can't be solved? Because this war is can not be solved by any human. 

    Only God can end this war. This war is basically about the resources in the Gaza line. Gaza line is rich of oil. Every single thing in this world is created by God. Even some is created by human, but human is totally created by God. Some of war is solved in our knowledge, but nobody knows is it totally ended or the plans for the future war still there. But as a civil society, we should be worry but we have to be acknowledge that we must not easily provoked to take part in any war. We must put ourself in the right way which is the helper to end the war not the helper to war. That's the way International Relation student should act.

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