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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I believe,
There is no coincidence in this world
I believe,
Everything is meant to be in this world
Just like you and me,

First time I meet you,
I never imagine
I never hope
That this meeting will last  

After that meeting,
you always cross over my mind,
Every single word, single seconds,
Never stops haunting me

This feeling is too early to be described as love
Whatever It is,
There is a feeling in this heart

A feeling that gives me spirit, 
When I see you, I see my future
When I hold you, I hold my life
A feeling never change.

A happy moment together,
two and three gifts,
nothing compared to,
Melt inside togetherness

Life never be that smooth,
There always be a small stone,
to remind you,
to strengthen you,
to teach you,

Tears suddenly come out,
Mixed with my feeling,
in words from my mouth,
Makes me know,
I could not survive without you

This is temporary,
for this moment,
Everlasting is on its way,
Bring us a term called


  1. Super lovely blog!



  2. Thank you :)
    glad to hear that
    love ur blog too...