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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mom, I just can't

Do you know?
What my heart telling?
Do you know?
What my soul saying?

This is it
This is it
That is not
That is not

My heart telling
She is the one
My heart telling
She will not leave you

She accept you
whoever you are
Even if you are a jerk
She won't say you a bastard

Her love is pure
The purity of her love
Give her strength
Grown me up

She is the one
who will see for you
even if you are blind
she never gives up
show you what world is like

She the one
who will listen for you
even if you are deaf
she never stops
be a music in your life

My soul saying
How much
Her tears came out
For your fault
For your stupidity

She never blames
None but herself
Even if that is your choice
She still put the blame on her

Even if you were born that way
She insists
This is her fault
This is her mistake

No No No
Thousands time of No
Beg you Pardon
That is not your mistake
That is not your fault

you are the greatest love
Nobody know how's that hurt
when you bear me
9 months

you are the most wonderful
who I am today
None but your lessons to me

Nothing could describe you
Even perfect is not good enough
Beyond the perfection
you teach me what life is

I might never
never gonna able
Be the one who
Could give you smile of proud
Could make you smile of happiness

Thousand Thank you
Deepest Gratitude
That is never enough
Show how I thank you
My Mom

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